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African American / Black Casting Calls; Submit Headshot to Movie Casting Directors for Movie Roles / Record Deals - Posted Feb 17 

At Urban Central Casting you can submit acting headshots or audition videos to Black Movie Casting Directors for Acting Roles.  Posted Feb 17  Movie Casting Directors are looking for new black actors and actresses seeking to break into the motion picture industry; Seeking Actors, Singers, Musicians for Urban Feature Films, Male & Female, Principals, Extras, Independent, Short Films, Television Series, Cable Series, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu; Holding Open Online Casting Call Auditions for move roles.  Looking for New Black Talent, Models, Singers, Theater, Video Bloggers, Youtube Performers for Open Casting Calls - please sign up at website:
Submit Headshot Online Here

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Casting Calls - African American Film Casting Directors are Accepting Acting Headshots from Females and Males, Resumes, Demo Reels, Video Reel for Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, BET, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, Tyler Perry Studios, MGM Studios and Universal Pictures.

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